Download link for Card Size I.C.E. Card —–> Card Size

Download Link for Key Ring Size I.C.E. Card —–> Key Ring Size

Nowadays we all have smart phones and most of the times those smart phones are locked/password protected or sometimes they run out of battery. Now, imagine you or some other person are lost somewhere or unable to communicate; or god forbid have met with an accident. How will the people trying to help you know who you are or whom to contact for your help when your smart phone is locked ?! Yes, you may have your identity card or driving license with you, but that still may not have the information required at that particular time.
So, here is the simple solution ! Click on the above links and download this simple pdf on A4 paper.
Presenting to you, (In Case of Emergency) I.C.E Cards.
In these cards you have to mention your Name, Address, Contact number(s) of people who are to be contacted if you are in need of help, your Blood Group and any Health issues or Allergies you may have.
This small and inexpensive effort may be your life saver one day ! You can either print them out or make them yourself. These are in 2 sizes, Card size to keep in your wallet or purse and Key-ring size which can be attached to your vehicle’s keys. You can laminate them or secure them with clear tape.
Make these for your self, your family, friends and even your helpers. You may never know who might this come in handy to. Stay safe and take care ! 🙂